Year 4’s Digital Advent Calender!

The Rocketeer

The Rocketeer 20th anniversary from John Banana on Vimeo.

This is another great film found in the Literacy Shed. Choose one activity to go with the film.

Teaching Ideas

Children can write a newspaper report of the events in the film.
Write a narrative in the 1st person from different points of view, the robbers, the police, the young boy, his parents.
Design an enemy for The Rocketeer to defeat, write a wanted poster for the bad guy.
Write their own adventures of The Rocketeer.
Write a letter from the small boy or his parents thanking The Rocketeer.
Write The Rocketeer’s back story, how did he become a hero? Why does he risk his own life? Why does he fight crime rather than get rich with his powers? Use drama techniques to draw these ideas from the children.

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The Last Homework of Y4

The last homework of Y4 is choosing homework, You have to choose one Literacy and one Numeracy Activity. You can do either on I am Learning or use your Google account to create a presentation or document about something that you like to do in school or outside of the school.

Make sure you let me know what you have decided to do. This Friday is the final Homework Rewards Friday.


Junior Chef, Music Concert and Summer Fair

Junior Chef, Music Concert and Summer Fair - Green Park Primary School's Photographs and Videos - Powered by Phanfare

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Good morning Y4. Sorry about the homework not being on the blog yesterday. I had an early morning trip to Costco and then went to Oswaldtwistle (can you find this town in Google Earth?) to visit some special friends.

Our investigation into the Google Cultural Institute carries on this week. This time it is the Art Project. (The link to the site is in the Google section). Your task is to explore the site and find one picture that you like. There are lots (and lots) so have bit of an explore before you decide.

When you have decided, copy and paste the picture into a Google Document or Presentation. Then, in 75 words (or more) say why you chose that picture. Try to include so fantastic phrases, amazing adjectives and perfect punctuation to make your writing exciting and interesting.

Make sure you share it with me and if you are feeling especially ICTish bang it on the blog!

Then, head over to your I am Learning account (If you have forgotten passwords let me know) and there is some lovely Numeracy work waiting just for you!

See you in school tomorrow!







Good morning Y4.

This week’s homework is all to do with Spain and the Google Project.

Your task is to do a three or four slide presentation in Google Docs using either Google World Wonders or the Google Art Project. The links to both of these are in the Google section at the side of the blog.

Choose either a place in Spain or an spanish art gallery or artist for your presentation. You can use pictures and words or words and pictures or just pictures. Think about what makes a good presentation.

Even better would be embedding your work onto the blog.

Have a good weekend and see you on Monday.




Apple Summer Camp



The Way Back Home

The Way Back Home from Lina Schwamkrug on Vimeo.

Homework and a special Google Project

Good morning Y4. This week’s homework is all about getting your PowToon on the blog. So make sure you finish and edit your presentation first. Then copy (CTRL and C) the embed code and go to the kids blog. Login with the username and password. Then open up a new post and make sure you have the “Text” tab ready and then paste (CTRL and V) the code into the post. Remember to tag your name.

We have been invited to take part in some special Google work. During the next couple of weeks (along with all the other busy stuff we will be doing) there will be chance to explore and present the three sections of the the project. We do have to send our stuff off to Google so it has to be pretty good!

My plan is to use Google Presentations and embed onto the Kids Blog but, if like Owen, you find a fantastic tool for learning that would be better then say so. Remember, “the smartest person in the room is ……..?”

Look for the links to the Google Project in our links section on the side of the blog.


It would have been great to have a waterproof camera…..

……because out on the lake there would have been some great photos…..especially of the collapsing raft!

Crosby Lakeside