1. This is the Homework Page. If you are not sure, or you have lost your homework, this is the place to look!

Sunday 15th July, 2013

The Last Homework of Y4

The last homework of Y4 is choosing homework, You have to choose one Literacy and one Numeracy Activity. You can do either on I am Learning or use your Google account to create a presentation or document about something that you like to do in school or outside of the school.

Make sure you let me know what you have decided to do. This Friday is the final Homework Rewards Friday.

Sunday 7th July, 2013

Good morning Y4. Sorry about the homework not being on the blog yesterday. I had an early morning trip to Costco and then went to Oswaldtwistle (can you find this town in Google Earth?) to visit some special friends.

Our investigation into the Google Cultural Institute carries on this week. This time it is the Art Project. (The link to the site is in the Google section). Your task is to explore the site and find one picture that you like. There are lots (and lots) so have bit of an explore before you decide.

When you have decided, copy and paste the picture into a Google Document or Presentation. Then, in 75 words (or more) say why you chose that picture. Try to include so fantastic phrases, amazing adjectives and perfect punctuation to make your writing exciting and interesting.

Make sure you share it with me and if you are feeling especially ICTish bang it on the blog!

Then, head over to your I am Learning account (If you have forgotten passwords let me know) and there is some lovely Numeracy work waiting just for you!

See you in school tomorrow!


Saturday 29th June, 2013

This week’s homework is all to do with Spain and the Google Project.

Your task is to do a three or four slide presentation in Google Docs using either Google World Wonders or the Google Art Project. The links to both of these are in the Google section at the side of the blog.

Choose either a place in Spain or an spanish art gallery or artist for your presentation. You can use pictures and words or words and pictures or just pictures. Think about what makes a good presentation.

Even better would be embedding your work onto the blog.

Have a good weekend and see you on Monday.

Saturday 15th June, 2013

Literacy homework this week is to write a set of instructions for playing a computer game. It might be Minecraft, it could be Angry Birds or even how to use Movie Star. You choose. Here is an internet link  that helps to remind you the key features of instruction writing.


The instructions can, of course, be done on paper or through your Google Account. Remember, if your computer or internet is wonky at home, come in to school and use ours (Just don’t leave it till Friday morning!)

For Numeracy go to http://resources.woodlands-junior.kent.sch.uk/maths/wordproblems/index.html

Have a look at the Y4 Word Problems. There are two : Y4a and Y4b. Have a go at both of them (they mark themselves) and then email me with your score.


Saturday 8th June, 2013

What a lovely morning it is today. I’m on my holidays with Y6 on Monday and Tuesday so I will see you all on Wednesday.

Literacy homework this week is Playscript writing. Do you remember the features of how to write a good playscript? If you don’t, you do know how to find out!

Try this Angry Birds video and use your Google Account to share your homework with me (and your mum and dad or aunties and uncles or grannies and grandads!)

For Numeracy head over to I am Learning….there is some lovely work waiting….




Saturday 18th may, 2013

Good morning Y4.

A very BIG thank you for everyone who sent in their homework last week The World War 2 information answers were especially brilliant. Great research skills!

This week, there is a Youtube video to watch first (you can’t in school). Then fill in the Google Form.


Saturday 11th May, 2013

This week’s homework is two Google forms. One is for Numeracy and one is about World War 2. I hope you enjoy doing them 🙂

(I will put the Number Detective Puzzles that we have been looking at this week on the blog a little bit later today)


The Numeracy Homework is here:

For your Literacy homework, you have a choice. Either write, on paper or digital paper, about your Bank Holiday weekend – words and pictures or photographs OR Find out as much as you can about Christopher Columbus and the boats he sailed on……but watch out….don’t fall off the edge of the world!



Good morning Y4. This week’s homework is all about the North Pacific Octopus Tree. Your job is to find out aboutthis strange tree in words and pictures. Google Apps or paper, the choice is yours.


For this week’s Numeracy Homework, fill in the Google Form.

20 04 2013

The Literacy part of your homework is to find out about one famous person who lived during WW2. In about 100 words say why the person was famous and what they did. A picture would be lovely. This can be done either on Google Apps or paper. (if you want to do more than 100 words that is fine ….but you don’t have to)


Watch this video of a Y4 class working on their times tables.

Year 4 - Observing a Lesson on Times Tables


Then, in your I am Learning area there are some number sequence challenges waiting for you.

Have a good time !



23 03 2013

Hello Y4!

Homework tasks will be posted a little later on today….or it might be tomorrow!

Keep you eyes peeled!


This week there is a History quiz about The Tudors on I am Learning. You might have to do a bit of research to answer all the questions.

Your second job is to finish any outstanding Google Presentations you may have and put then on to the Green Park Kids Blog.

This YouTube video shows you how. If you have forgotten the user name and password you can either email me or ask me in school.




16 03 2013


This week’s homework is about technology. This is a review about the iPad mini http://www.techradar.com/reviews/pc-mac/tablets/ipad-mini-1096514/review There are lots of other reviews on the website about Playstations, x-boxes, tablets, phones and lots of other techy things.

Your job this week is to do your own review for a piece of technology that you like to use. You can, of course, do it on paper but it would be brilliant if you used your Google Account.

It might even be better to use Google Sites to set up your own technolgy website like TechRadar. I have looked and asked  but can not find a website run by Primary age children to review the technology that is used in and out of school (Maybe someone could review our school laptops!)

For Numeracy, head over to I am Learning. There are some lovely challenges just waiting for you!

And this week, we have three great prizes for our homework fanatics!






Hello Y4.

Sorry the homework is on a little later than usua.

For Literacy this week, watch the film and then tell the story in 100 words BUT you have to put your writing on the Y4 Kids Blog.

Adventures are the Pits – Ringling Thesis 2011 from Porter Vinson on Vimeo.

For Numeracy, there are lots of Data Handling activities at http://resources.woodlands-junior.kent.sch.uk/maths/data.htm

When you have had a go, email me with the activities that you did and how you got on with them.

Great work on the Chromebooks this week!

Good morning everyone in Y4. The homework this week ( to be finished by 8th March) is I am Learning and it is either Data Handling, or Doubling and Halving. For Literacy, again look in your I am Learning account and there is are two lovely “Plural” tasks waiting for you.

Have a great weekend!

We got lots of homework last week……but watch out…..Mrs Beeston is on the lookout for missing homeworkers!!

The homework for Friday 15th February is: Numeracy to reinforce the fractions of numbers work we have been doing in class this week. Everyone has one of the three sheets in the published document.

For Literacy, go to your I am Learning account and there are some lovely questions all about adjectives waiting for you.

The homework for Friday 8th February is:

The Equivalent Fraction work that went home on Friday. The Literacy homework is to complete the adverb ideas

This week’s Numeracy homework is …………… Chunking.

Here are the questions.


Homework for Friday 25th January

Watch this film. On paper, or using your Google Account, write your version of the story. If you use Google I will publish your story on our blog.

Marshmallows from Stephanie Russell on Vimeo.

For Numeracy this week, the Times tables website is a great way to practice all of your times tables. By Friday, everyone should be experts!




Hello everyone! thanks for looking on the blog. Your homework for Numeracy is on I am Learning – it is all to do with Place Value and Partitioning.

For Literacy, go to your Google account and write about your favourite character in The Angel of Nitshill Road. Remember, sentences are only sentences if they make sense!

Have a good weekend. See you Monday.