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Friday writing and Miss Sinnott is on to find out how Y4 do their Friday writing on the Chromebooks.

Here is the this week’s film. (Does anyone know why there is an apostrophe in “week’s”?

Oktapodi from oscardodo on Vimeo.


Great Work Y4

Great work in the Friday Writing session! Mrs Shotton is going to do the same next Friday with Y5. How good is that?

Don’t Forget to look at the Homework page to find out what needs doing this week. We are going to start having Homework prizes like the Numeracy prizes!



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Friday Writing

Since returning from the Christmas Holidays in January, Y4 have used Friday mornings as an opportunity for extended writing. Using lots of resources from the Literacy Shed we have written and thought and edited. This week, for the first time ever at Green Park, Y4 did extended writing digitally using Chromebooks and Apple Macs and Windows PC’s. Mrs Burns from Y3 was astonished…and took a film on her iPad! Here it is…..

A Bit of Friday Writing in Y4 from raffa on Vimeo.

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Friday Writing

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Friday Writing

This film is another one from The Literacy Shed. Unusual but with great scenes that will give everyone the opportunity to use great adjectives, verbs and adverbs. Throw in a fantastic bit of punctuation, a fair share of spelling and …….a great piece of writing!

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It’s Friday before you know it!

Friday’s writing task is to tell the story of “Wing It”.

The animation is brilliant! How can you get your writing to be as fantastic as the film? Once again, it comes from the amazing website, “The Literacy Shed”.

Watch first.


Wing It from The Animation School on Vimeo.

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Friday Writing Task

Friday is our long writing task day. This week we are going to watch this film and retell the story. Lots of great sentences, ideas, punctuation and spelling.

The film can be found at the fantastic website The Literacy Shed.

The Girl and the Fox from Base14 on Vimeo.

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